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Conspiracy Unlimited

Dec 15, 2019

EPISODE #324 The Andreasson Affair

Richard welcomes a couple at the centre of one of the most famous alien abduction cases in history.

GUESTS: Betty (Andreasson) and Bob Luca.  On a cold New England night in 1967 Betty Andreasson was taken from her Massachusetts home and brought aboard a spaceship by alien beings. Her...

Dec 27, 2017

Richard Syrett speaks with a documentary filmmaker and student of the Bible who makes the case that the modern day UFO/ET and Alien Abduction phenomena are part of the Biblical narrative and play a pivotal role in spiritual warfare and End Times Prophecy. GUEST: AliI Siadatan.  Ali Siadatan is the founder of Think Again...

Dec 15, 2017

Richard Syrett speaks with an anomalist, ufologist, author, and broadcaster about the possible alien abduction of a young pilot off the coast of Australia in October 1978. Shortly after take-off, Frederick Valentich, the 21-year old pilot of a Cessna light aircraft reported that he saw a UFO hovering above him.  A...