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Conspiracy Unlimited

Oct 19, 2021


Richard welcomes a veteran law enforcement officer and author who uses forensic statement analysis and his thousands of hours of training and experience to review the cultural influence, historical context, and eyewitness testimony of those closest involved in the alleged Roswell UFO incident.

Guest: Greg Lawson

 is a 30-year law enforcement officer, professional investigator, police academy and collegiate educator, and former expert witness for the state in reference to investigative procedures. He also researches and investigates human paranormal experience and locations known for spiritual or unusual activity. 

He has appeared at events such as the Central Texas Paranormal Festival, Michigan Paranormal Convention, All Ireland Paracon, the Texas Para-Unity Festival, and SAGE Paracon in England to name a few.


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Zombie Advocacy

The DisOrient Express

How To Be A Paranormal Detective

Roswell: The After-Action Report