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Conspiracy Unlimited

Oct 2, 2020


Richard welcomes a self-described "enigmatologist" and a former Green Beret/Hollywood stuntman who have teamed up to study the elusive Bigfoot creature in the field.

Guests: Peter Guttilla is a writer and researcher whose childhood encounters with the paranormal would become the driving force behind his future work. As a young adult in the 60s, he began his research into the unexplained and, by the end of the decade he had accumulated hundreds of sighting reports and had personally investigated numerous claims for contact with paranormal phenomena. He's the author of The Bigfoot Files.

Tom Muzila is a former Green Beret. He is a fifth degree black belt in Karate. He is also an expert, in professional bodyguarding and has specialized in celebrity protection through the years. He has protected hundreds of the most famous celebrities in the world, such as: Warren Beatty, Steven Seagal, Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone. He’s protected presidents, such as Clinton and Reagan. Tom also works in the film industry as a stunt coordinator, stunt performer, and fight coordinator. He has appeared in such films as Under Siege (1992), Above the Law (1988) and Hard to Kill (1990).  Like Peter Guttilla, Tom is fascinated by Bigfoot and from time to time they go into the field in an attempt to study this elusive creature.


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