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Conspiracy Unlimited

Jul 10, 2019


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In Part ll of an ongoing series, Richard speaks with a JFK assassination researcher and author about how American history has been left in the unreliable hands of those that he refers to as the court historians. He argues President Lincoln was the greatest tyrant in American history and the treatment of the south during the Civil War and Reconstruction period helped give rise to racism in America.


Guest: Donald Jeffries has been researching the JFK assassination since the mid-1970s, when he was a teenage volunteer for Mark Lane's Citizens Committee of Inquiry. He is very active on all the JFK assassination forums, and has been a moderator on the London Spartacus Education Forum for several years. His first published book, the acclaimed 2007 novel The Unreals, has been compared to Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. He is the author of three works  of non-fiction: Hidden History with a forward by Roger Stone; Survival of the Richest; and his latest,  Crimes and Coverups in American Politics 1776 -1963 with a forward by Ron Paul.